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We are a family of four that loves to camp. We love the adventure, the beauty of nature, and the
chance to explore. However, throughout all of our many trips, we have found again and again that
sometimes camping just really sucks. Without fail, every trip we have taken, something has gone
wrong. Whether it is falling from trees, hanging from awnings, blown out tires or exploding liquor
bottles, part of our adventure is always some sort of minor to major catastrophe. We have created
KampingSucks in hopes that we all can all have a safe space to share some of these stories, share
some of our hacks for camping success and maybe provide you with a little KampingSucks swag.

We are happy you are here and hope you can have a good laugh at some of our mishaps as well as
share some of your own. Because despite all of the ups and downs I know we have all had, we can
all agree that camping really is the Best Worst Thing Ever!