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Gear Up for Nature's Playground

Come find your next favorite hoodie, t-shirt and more. We want to give you a way to share your love/hate relationship with camping with the world. We have searched and found the softest and best quality materials for our Kamping Sucks gear.


Stories That Bind
Us Together

One of our favorite things about camping is meeting new people and sharing stories with them.
Something about camping enables each of us to see the bright side of a bad situation. It may
be something as minor as a burnt burger, something expensive like that gust of wind that made
quick work of your awning or decided your tent was better suited up in a tree than firmly on the
ground. We would love to hear your crazy camping stories and want to give you
the opportunity to have a good laugh at some of ours.

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Delicious Discoveries,
Shared Recipes

Nothing says community like sharing a meal together and one of the best parts about camping is
cooking over an open fire…. but there are only so many hotdogs and hamburgers you can eat in a trip..
Maybe we can’t all gather around the fire together, but we can capture that feeling of community by
sharing our favorite meals with each other through sharing recipes. We have a few tried and true recipes
that have become staples on our trips and we would love to know some of yours. Tried recipes only!
We want to share your meal.

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Camping Hacks/Directions/Everything Else

The Little Bit of
Everything Forum

This is a catch-all forum.
This is where we want your brilliant hacks that have made camping life so much easier.
How many times have you been stuck following directions that obviously did not take into
consideration having a camper in tow? Want someone’s opinion on the best route? Ask it here.
Something else that isn’t a recipe or a story… This is where it can go.

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We won’t be sending this often, but when we do, it will be a few of our favorite camping story submittals and hacks. 

We hope to build this community into something that is both fun and beneficial. Every time we go out on an adventure, we learn something new. Either through trial and error or a friendly new neighbor sharing their own lessons learned. We hope that these stories and hacks help you skip through some of the error part and instead learn straight from all your new neighbors!